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Marin Gasoil Montecarlo S.A.M.
Marin Gasoil Monte-Carlo SAM was established in the early 1990's. Our main customers are Electricity Producers, Cement Factories, Steel Mills and Foundries and its core business is the trading activity in three major lines of products:

The first line of products includes solid and liquid fuels such as crude oil and petroleum products, bitumen, steam coal, petroleum coke, metallurgical coke, etc.

The second line includes petroleum by-products such as used oil, oil emulsions and derivatives and of by-products of chemical and steel making industries (iron and aluminium oxides, BF slag, combustion residuals, resins, chemical gypsum, fly ashes).

The third category of products consists of all the products intended for the cement and steel industries such as various customary energy materials and basic components for the cement and steel making process (iron ore, coking and metallurgical coke, limestone, chemical additives, iron silicate, etc.).

We are also fully equipped to provide the logistic services connected with the trading activities, like shipping, technical survey. bunker on worldwide basis.

M.G.M. is specialized in the management of environment recovery and on providing services for the recycling of industrial refuses.

Our main area of business is the Mediterranean Sea and other areas as China, India and West African countries. 


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